Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture of the Day!

On the way to Kamloops...

Finally on our way to Kamloops..
We strapped the babies into the car,
and away we went..
(I wish I had taken a picture of a poor Grand Am...
packed to the hilt for two adults and two little ones...)

We were so looking forward to our trip to BC
and the scenery
that we forgot all about all the fires..
These pics were taken outside of Salmon Arm..
and unfortunately, there was thick smoke
the whole time we were in Kamloops...
NOT GOOD for my asthma...
probably part of the reason I had pneumonia
when we got home...

The pics don't even show how thick it was,
but at some points we couldn't see the mountains
or the lake..

Bree in Grandma and Grandpa's car in Golden

Ok, Is it pathetic that we got excited to see
Overwaitea foods?
Man we miss that store...
Wish they had them in Sask!

We made it to Kamloops after six hours
and the trip ended with my poor son saying
five minutes outside of Kamloops...
"Daddy...puke is coming..."
I couldn't even open the windows for the poor kid,
because the smoke smell was so caustic...
so I drove into Kamloops well over the speed limit..
Good thing there were no cops around...