Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, it looks like we will be moving least this time it has been four years, so we are getting better....For a while, we were averaging a move every summer.....I am not looking forward to trying to pack and wash walls with a baby, so I am thinking that September may be a little stressful....

The house is in North Regina, and is in a much better location for the girls to attend the schools of their choice....

We did go and look at the house yesterday, and while we like it, we do have some concerns....First of all the fridge and the stove are REALLY old. The fridge had mold and rust on the freezer part, and they didn't seem to know whether they were going to replace it. We are going to push for a new one, but I am afraid that we may end up buying our own....In the back yard, the previous tenant took down part of the fence and never replaced it.....we are going to have to put it back up, as we can't have our kids running all over the place...or our dogs. The dogs are going to be another problem, as we have been spoiled with a completely enclosed back yard here....We are going to have to create runs for them....In our wandering around, we also discovered a REALLY NASTY TRAP next door. By nasty I mean that it looks like a freakin bear trap, but smaller, probably meant for some small rodent....and it was SET! Kendal poked a stick into it, and it snapped shut, it could easily break the leg of a little Chihuahua, or Jeremy's little hand....We are going to have to ask the neighbors about it.......The other problem is a serious lack of closet space in the bedrooms...especially the master bedroom....Kendal and I will have to get a wardrobe. We will also be losing our air conditioning which we have really liked...(although it has been a point of contention with the neighbor...) However, there are also several factors we really like about the house...the biggest being the location. It is about 3 minutes from Krystal and Talon, 5 from Kendal's parents, and about 5 from the church and a quarter of the distance from Kendal's job. It also has the added benefit of getting the girls out of Johnson. The house has a really big backyard, probably twice as big as the one we have now, plus it has a deck. It has two bathrooms which will be a bonus with the girls. Sharing has sucked. It has new windows and no drafts! They are also replacing the shingles either this year or next....It also has a rumpus room instead of us having curtains up for a t.v. room. Finally of course is that we will be saving money on rent, which considering the current housing market is the biggest bonus. It is set, and won't be going up. We are still wanting to buy a house, but this gives us a chance to save some money...and also replace our crappy furniture which we have had for 11 years....specifically our kitchen table and our couches.

Over all I feel it will be a pretty even trade off....and I think I am excited....(or will be after all the work is done.....)

Jeremy and the Dinosaur!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

At the Beach with Shawna and Jason!

Jeremy was apparently enjoying one of our few beach days this summer....We went to Bethsaida beach with Shawna and Jason...I thought I would post these, as apparently our beach days are pretty much over this summer. It was really hot out until Kendal got his holidays, and then it got cold....Now it is getting warmer out, but the kids are back in school now!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jeremy then and now.....

Wow! Hard to believe that little Jeremy is already 7 months old....there have been so many changes from the little yellow guy that came five weeks early and had to stay in the hopital on iv. for a month in a heat lamp....Now he is sitting, and says a couple of words...(hi and mom) Does some of the actions to Itzy Bitzy Spider on his own, roles over, flirts! He has been the joy of our life, and I don't know what we ever did before him! Here are a couple of pictures.....then and now!

Newborn Jeremy!

Jeremy last weekend! (7 months old!)

Talon sleeps at Grandma's house!

This is a rather rare occurance!

Talon at the park...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Talon Balon at the Park!

OK...we took Talon to the park one Sunday afternoon when we had him, and put him in the sand by the swings....We really had to laugh at him...look at his face. He was discusted that we actually put him in dirt! We had a good laugh at his exspence. Jeremy; however, was quite happy when we brought him to the Sask River this weekend and poured sand all over his legs, Kendal's hands, and even tried to eat a handful until I caught him. He cried. He thought he was in trouble for something.....mean mommy.....

Jeremy catches bubbles!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Beach Baby!

Jason's Birthday Party!

Man, is Jeremy ever grabby now....I will be lucky to type this....It doesn't help that daddy has been letting him play with wingdings on the computer....

Brenda had Jason's birthday party at our friend Scott's mom's house. It was very nice of her to let us use her yard and pool....It was also nice, because we were able to visit with some people we had not seen in a really long long actually that three of them didn't know I had a baby....and were in shock when we walked in with Jeremy!

Here are some pics....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brandy is in Grade 12!

Wow! Hard to believe! Brandy is in grade 12 this year! We went and registered her at Thom Collegiate today...We didn't like Johnson, and found it to be a rough school, and she has several friends at Thom, and so we felt that would be a better choice for her. We also had several other complaints about Johnson, including the fact that the secretaries were really rude whenever we called....and we never really seemed to know how Brandy was doing, even when we called the school to ask. We had an appointment this morning at 10. We were late, because Jeremy has been really sick and cranky today. We couldn't find our way in the school because the main doors were locked (they were waxing the floors) and we bumped into a teacher outside, who was kind enough to help us in. It was his first year at Thom(he taught at Harvest city before) and it turns out he will be teaching Brandy in grade 12 English. He seemed like a really decent guy...(Justin Harrison) Brandy filled out all the paperwork (with the help of the secretary, who was more then happy to help us...) and then met with the principal and vice principle who were also extremely helpful. They didn't meet with us at all when the girls went to Johnson, never mind explain courses to us... Over all, so far Kendal and I were pleased, and hope that this school will be a much better experience for Brandy.... this is a link to the school website, should you like to check it out!

Now to see how we feel about Winston Knoll, which is where Bree should be going to school...

Monkey Love!

Monday, August 20, 2007

OH YEAH! RIDERS KICK ASS! (Ugh...sorry I mean butt...)

The Sask Riders Kick Ass! They so beat the snot out of Edmonton Eskimos......What a game! I don't normally get too excited about the games, but even I got excited this time! It was such a close game! Here are some brief game notes. The Riders opened by scoring almost immediately...the Eskimos responded by scoring another touchdown almost right away, and then taking the lead. Over the course of the game there was seven lead changes....which made it really exciting...then with 13 minutes left in the game, they were hit with a massive thunder storm, and because of the rain and lightning, they had to clear the field and shut down the game for 55 minutes! As a testament of Saskatchewan fans toughness over half of the fans never left the stands despite the massive downpour!! ( and when I say massive...I mean massive...) We were over at our friend Scott and Cori's house watching the game, and laughing at our friends Tim and Rod who were actually at the game....(suckers...) I should mention that at this point, the Riders were actually losing....but after the game started again, the Riders came back and kicked butt!! The Eskimos kept fumbling the ball because of the rain and never scored again! (It didn't help that they were being lazy and laying around on the field every five minutes pretending to be injured...) So sweet! Final score was 39-32 in favor of the Riders....This puts the Riders in the top spot in the Western Division! (GO RIDERS!)

The other funny thing about the game actually had nothing to do with the game, but with my son's reaction....He was sitting downstairs with us watching the game...and he was absolutely fascinated with our responses! It was really funny...He would watch the game, and then when they scored and we all shouted, he would stare intently at Cori and the guys....probably trying to figure out what was so exciting....You had to be there....

Cori is determined to make a little Riders fan out of him yet.....

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Day at the Beach!

Yaaa Friday!

Yesterday it was nice to be busy...I am going a little stir crazy right now being home all the time, after working full time for five years. I drove Kendal to work in the morning and went to Wascana for an hour walk around the park...something I have been trying to do at least three times a week all summer. It is kind of cool there in the morning. It is kind of it's own little community. It is mostly always the same people going there to exercise that early, and so people start to recognize each other, and say hi usually 15-20 times while we are walking around that lake. Any other time of day, people ignore you and mind their own business. It is kind of nice.

I went to the moms coffee time at our church, which I like to do for Jeremy. He is usually pretty social and wants to visit with other people. Yesterday he spent most of the morning flirting with my friend Kim, and hugging her every time she talked to him. It was very cute.
Later in the day we went to visit Cori and her ten kids....(no they aren't all hers....) for a couple of hours. After I picked up Kendal, we went for coffee with his parents at Smitty's so they could visit little Jeremy for a while and then went to Kim's house to hang out with some folks and visit. It was a busy day! Jeremy was pretty tired when we got home, but it still didn't stop him from waking up three times last night.....We are trying to be strict with the staying in the crib thing and not picking him up for every little squeak, but he is such a little monkey....

YES! We are getting closer to Kendal actually having a holiday! It will be his first vacation in two years! Last year he had to work through his holidays which really ticked us off considering it was our tenth anniversary. We are trying to make up for it this year by going away for a couple of days even though we really can't afford it. And no can't come. We are having ALONE time...(or as much as one can get packing a 7 month old around....LOL!)

Brandy was also happy it was Friday, as it was her last day working at CROWN. She is excited for a little break too, before the business of a new school year hits. I bet her cash is all burned up before school starts....LOL! (she is supposed to be saving for a car.)

Bree has also been babysitting for Krystal for a good portion of the summer, which has been good for both her and Talon (who chases her around on his hand s and knees saying "Aunty! Aunty!" But she has already blown all her money on new clothes....

The girls will be going to two different high schools this year. Bree will be going to Winston Knoll and Brandy will be going to Thom. They are both very excited to be leaving Johnson which has proven to be a rough school, and not a really positive experience for either one of them. Bree will be starting a job in October when she turns 15. and is excited to be trying for her drivers this year.

We should also be finding out for sure about the move in the next week here.....I hope so. I hate not knowing what is going on.

and that is life in the Jones' household for this week....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lazy boy....

Apparently...eating is a lot of work....LOL!

Jeremy is doing pretty good with the eating thing now...He is on most of his vegies and single grain cereals. Yesterday he had bananas for the first time...he really liked those. So far his favorites seem to be potatoes, carrots and bananas.... He still has a pretty finicky appetite, prefering to nurse, but he is growing, so we don't get to concerned about it....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Anniversary!

Wow! Hard to believe....11 years of marriage! Friday was our anniversary! Looking back, it is hard to believe how many things have changed in our lives....This picture was taken in Williams Lake, BC. Since that picture has been taken, Kendal and I have moved to Regina SK, had a baby, and had a billion other life changes.... ( If anyone had told us we were having any more kids, we would have laughed in their faces....)
LA...the redhead at the end (Kendal's sister) has moved and lives somewhere else now, and is married....The guy next to her is one of our best friends (Jeremy-who we named our son after) was also married, had two kids and he died of leukemia over a year ago. Tracy is married now and living up North, My maid of honor, Sheryl I lost track of years ago, but last I knew she was in Vancouver. Markie is in Kamloops working and has a girlfriend and Karen is somewhere in Alberta.

To celebrate our anniversary, we went out for dinner and a movie. We went to Brewsters. (Our 19 year old gave us money to go out....) We told her that we got drunk with her money....that elicited an interesting response! Of course we had to bring Jeremy with us, but we still had fun. It was a loud time though, because we forgot that the Riders were playing, and so the bar part was rowdy. That's ok though, because the Riders kicked butt. (Sorry Colin about BC losing....OK, I am not that sorry....)

After we had to waste some time before the movie, so we went over to Kendal's parents for a while so they could see Jeremy. (How romantic...that is almost as bad as having them listen on over a cell phone on your honey moon....) for those of you who remember that little story....hehe.

We went to see the Simpsons Movie. It was pretty funny, but I didn't get to see the whole thing, because Jeremy was being unusually cranky. I will have to watch it again to see the end. For those of you who haven't seen it? It is definatly worth seeing if you are a Simpsons fan, and lets just say that at one point you see far more of Bart then you ever have before....LOL!

We did have a really odd experience though....When we came out of the theater it was midnight. When we were in the lobby, we looked out, and the ground was shimmery. I thought that we were imagining things...but as we got outside, we realized that the entire parking lot was almost knee deep in water!! No one could believe their eyes. When we went in an hour and a half before, it was completly dry! It was like the second coming of the flood. It was pretty cool...However, at that time of night, it was mostly the 20 year old crowd, so there were some people being kind of dumb....One car decided to be funny and drive through the knee deep water and splash everyone under the eve of the theater....Two guys were really mad and took off super speed after the car! We thought they were going to beat the crap out of the guy, but they just missed him. We hydroplaned an the ring road all the way home. It was crazy...Kendal took a video, so whenever he gets around to putting that up, I will post it....You just have to see it to believe it....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

At Katepwa!

We like to take the kids out to Katepwa Beach. We have been going out there since moving to Saskatchewan 5 years ago.... It is a little beach on the edge of a small community. It has a large park with lots of picnic spots and barbeque pits. There is also mini-golf, and an ice cream store...(a must for me...) and it is only about 45 minutes away from Regina.

These pictures are from one of the days we went to Katepwa beach. It has been hard to get everyone out at the same time this summer. Now that the girls are older, it is getting increasingly difficult. Brandy has been working most of the summer, and Bree has been with friends or babysitting Talon for Krystal....Bree has also decided that going to the beach is not cool, and so she doesn't like to go out! That one surprised me as they used to have to be dragged (literally) kicking and screaming out of the water..... Krystal doesn't have a car yet, or she would love to bring Talon out....