Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brandy is in Grade 12!

Wow! Hard to believe! Brandy is in grade 12 this year! We went and registered her at Thom Collegiate today...We didn't like Johnson, and found it to be a rough school, and she has several friends at Thom, and so we felt that would be a better choice for her. We also had several other complaints about Johnson, including the fact that the secretaries were really rude whenever we called....and we never really seemed to know how Brandy was doing, even when we called the school to ask. We had an appointment this morning at 10. We were late, because Jeremy has been really sick and cranky today. We couldn't find our way in the school because the main doors were locked (they were waxing the floors) and we bumped into a teacher outside, who was kind enough to help us in. It was his first year at Thom(he taught at Harvest city before) and it turns out he will be teaching Brandy in grade 12 English. He seemed like a really decent guy...(Justin Harrison) Brandy filled out all the paperwork (with the help of the secretary, who was more then happy to help us...) and then met with the principal and vice principle who were also extremely helpful. They didn't meet with us at all when the girls went to Johnson, never mind explain courses to us... Over all, so far Kendal and I were pleased, and hope that this school will be a much better experience for Brandy.... this is a link to the school website, should you like to check it out!

Now to see how we feel about Winston Knoll, which is where Bree should be going to school...

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