Friday, February 23, 2007


WhoHoo! The health nurse was over this morning and we weighed baby Jeremy, and he is 8 lbs and 7.5 ounces! That officially takes him off of the concern list and puts him in the 50th percentile exactly where he is supposed to be!

Talon and Gizmo!

Gizmo keeps trying to get Talon to play ball with him, and can't understand why he won't! If you look carefully there is a little red ball by Talon.
Normally Talon loves Gizmo, until this morning when Gizzy got brave enough to reach for his ball, and then Talon started to cry....
Another thing we have noticed with Giz, is that when baby Jeremy starts to cry, Gizmo gets very upset and starts to howl, and pokes me until I do something about it. however, when Talon crys he doesn't pay attention....but he does try to play with him.....