Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm back!



Well sort of......

I am not actually sure how often i will post right now, as I am at the end of my pregnancy and also looking after my grandson at the moment.....I am pretty tired.

Good news though....Baby Jeremy has turned around, and he is about 4 lbs something now, and moving constantly....


if i do go into labor now, since i am only six weeks away from my due date, they will let me go. They gave me steroid shots to be sure that baby's lungs are all ready to go.

I am off work now, on medical leave. I have been off since the 20th, but I still just feel like i am on holidays. I haven't really had time to process anything yet.

I will add some new pictures of my very handsome grandson.

Picture 005

Talon and Mum