Monday, June 4, 2007

Mosaic Review 2007!

Well, as promised...we will be posting some of the great entertainment which we saw at the pavilions around Regina. First for those of you who don't know what Mosaic is....a quick explanation.
It is a Regina festival held every year (40 now to be exact) which celebrates the diverse culture in this great city. There are Pavilions scattered all over Regina...this year there were 21. Tickets are only 10$ a person, and then you just pay for your food! It is great fun, and yet another example of some of the wonderful things which Regina has to offer the people who choose to make Regina home....
The first video is from the Italian Pavilion. Please be patient with the quality of the videos as some of them are from far back in the audience. I tried to get up front where possible, but it was pretty busy.

This was the first pavilion we actually went to on Thursday night. We went with our friends Jason and Brenda, and their kids Christian, Nathan and Mercy. I didn't get to see as much of Italy as I wanted to, as we were kind of running late, but we did take in two performances. We also sampled a taste of their food. Kendal had a piece of pizza (which by the way was really good) and I had sausage on a bun.

The only thing that I was disapointed about was that on the way out we realized that they had some really cool looking Italian pastries and coffees, and we didn't see it, because it looked like that side of the room was only a bar. They also had a pastry making demonstration which I would have liked to watch....Oh year.....