Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

These pictures are actually from October.
We had a birthday party for my daughter Bree (16)
and my special friend Alma (73)..
Some of the pictures are from that, 
and then there are pics from Thanksgiving as well...
(a week later...same house..same people....  :)

My Alma!
She is amazing!
You would never know she is 73..
Both her and her hubby Al are such vibrant people...
I just love them....

I love her too...(I guess)
(kidding Bree!)

My son Jeremy

Paige and Iris

daughters Gracie and Brandy

Aunty Anna and Gracie

Brandy and Gracie

Brandy and friend Amber



Daughters Gracie and Bree

Al and Alma

Bree and Gracie

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