Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday....

I know that Kendal just posted these pictures, but they are so priceless....I thought they deserved a second go.....(and to answer your question Sandy...he ate 3/4 of it in aprox. 1/2 an hour...LOL!)

So...I have a question for those of you who have had boys and girls...Do you see differences in the things they find funny? Or the things they play with?

I have had a great deal of amusement lately out of my son, who at 15 months seems to find bodily functions HILARIOUS! Where do they learn this?? My girls never did this....

I burped the other day.... I hear (hehehehehehe) and my son has a HUGE grin on his face....the rest of the afternoon was spent with Jeremy fake burping every chance he got, and laughing at himself.

The next day...he filled his drawers rather loudly.....and said...and I quote...." OHOH! " (hehehehehehe)

They all do such funny things at this age. He walked up to Pastor Paul the other day when we were at a barbeque and eyeballing his dessert said very loudly for all to hear..." Are you done that?"

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