Saturday, April 25, 2009

I know my MIL thinks this is a swear word..
so to her I am sorry,
but it had to be said.
It is just that kind of day...

I woke up all excited this morning,
because I have been looking forward to
taking my little boy to the Science Center...

I have been trying to do this for two weeks,
but something always interferes.
We tried a couple of weeks ago,
but it turned out they closed way sooner then we thought..
and so we couldn't go.
Last weekend Kendal had to work.

This morning started out well enough..
We had to bring the car in for a tune up,
and we were supposed to have it back by lunch...
In between, we were supposed to go for breakfast,
and then come home and clean our rain gutters,
and then off to the science center.
Easy right?

during breakfast I get a call
and it turns out that what I thought was an oil leak,
was actually the Transmission lines,
and since we had no choice about doing that,
it was decided that we may as well tune up our tranny as well...
We also had a leaking tire,
and the tune up actually needed quite a bit.
It has been a long time
$1000 later...and now
it is 3 pm
and our car is just done.
We really don't have time now for the Science center
since it closes at 6pm...
and we couldn't wash our windows cause
our ladder wasn't big enough...
and we are still going to have to put out more money
cause our battery still needs to be done.

Some days, you should stay in bed.