Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I was on my way home from work last night, and a great big bear of a dog wandered across the road in front of my car. No owner. Headed towards the highway.

This seems to happen to me ALOT.

So. I park the car, and go chasing after the bear, who for all I know might want to eat me.

Someone else saw me trying to head the bear dog off of the highway, and so they stopped to help me. Between the three of us, we managed to herd it back onto the side of the road. Fortunatly for us the bear was friendly, and submitted to being cornered and petted by all three of us, while we decided what to do with it, since it had no collar or leash.

It was finally decided that since I was headed out that way anyways, I would bring the bear to the SPCA.

Problem 2. How to get the bear to my car. It had no collar and it was bigger then me.

While we were discussing how to do that, the bear decided he had enough of us, and headed BACK onto the highway....By the way, there was heavy traffic, as it was rush hour....

We stood there and called it, and the fellow tried to go on the road to get it, but fortunatly for us, the wind changed, and the dog came back to the side of the road. He had smelled a treasure. Dead Rabbit. Ughhhhhhhhh

It probably saved the dogs life, but ughhhhhhh

First he rolled in the rabbit. (which by the way was full of maggots and various other creepy crawlies....and it stunk)

Then he rolled in it again.

Keep in mind that I am pregnant.

Unhappy tummy....OK...but the girl who was trying to help me almost killed me!

The dog started eating the rabbit and the girl ran away gagging......and every time she came back she would start to gag again.....

I couldn't help it....I started laughing. I laughed so hard I almost peed. Meanwhile the dog kept eating his rabbit and the girl kept apolagizing and gagging. "I'm a farm girl, " she said, "and not even pregnant, but I'm sorry I can't do this!"

Finally, a woman from a kennel across the street came over with a leash and managed to put it on the dog, who looked woebegone because he couldn't keep his rabbit. It was decided that I should still take the dog...only because no one else would offer....nice...make the pregnant women do it.

The kennel lady went to get me a blanket so the dog didn't leave any maggot friends on my seat, when a teenage boy crossed the road.

Thank God it was his, and I didn't have to try to fit the bear in my car.

However, he didn't even bother to say thankyou.

Some people shouldn't be allowed pets.




Krystal e-mailed me this picture yesterday.

She is due now on Sept. 28th according to the ultrasound....

She is doing quite well, except that she is tired most of the time, but then she is working two no surprise there......