Monday, June 11, 2007


ok... I was sitting here this morning with my son watching tv...a show called between the Lions, and all of a sudden one of the characters starts talking in Arnold Swartzniggars voice....From Terminator to childrens shows? What is up with that? LOL!

BTW...Check out Talon's website...there is a very cute new post on there...

Polish Pavilion

Friday night, we did Mosaic with just Jason and Brenda (and of course our babies...)
We had fun....except that Friday is when the Pavilions start to get a little on the crazy side, as far as being crowded is concerned....It was better then other years though, and there seemed to be far less drinking.
One of the Pavilions we went to on Friday was the Polish Pavilion. They had a really good show, but it was CRAZY crowded...not good for a claustrophobic...i actually had to leave once because it was so crowded...made worse by the fact that a very heavy woman came extremly close to actually sitting on me....LOL!