Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crazy Day...

Wow! Today was a bit of a nutty day...I got up at 6am to take Kendal to work, and had to have Jeremy to the Health Unit by 8 am to get his shots.....I was expecting him to be upset like last time, but instead he flirted with the nurse...and didn't make a sound for the first shot. He did however bite me to make up for it, but that's ok I guess....The second shot he cried a bit, but stopped almost right away. The nurse was enamored with him...big surprise there....He is 14 lbs 2 oz now by the way...and still in the 10 th percentile, which means he is still a little guy.

I went to my friend Brenda's for coffee after and we got talking, she told me that they are applying to this rental agency called Gabriel Housing...It is low income housing, and we have looked at it before but then rejected it despite the fact that they have some really nice houses, because we are not Metis..Brenda is Metis though, and so she dragged me along. As it turns out, because my kids are Metis we are eligable for the housing...and so I filled out the paper work. I am quite excited because you are able to choose what area you want to live in, and we have been trying to move to North Regina in Winston Noel area for some time, but just when we started to look at buying, the housing market went up drastically making it not feasible for us to buy at this time...(buying a house from the early 70s for 200 thousand does not appeal to me.....don't know why! We find out in July if we are candidates for the program...I really hope so....We need to get the girls out of this area.
We went back to Brenda's afterwards so I could get my car, race to Kendal's work to get his signature for the paperwork, race home to get my paperwork, and back to Gabriel housing before they closed. Poor baby....but he was patient.

The other thing that happened today, was someone gave us a shoulder of lamb. Yesterday it was a 30 lb fish. We don't need the food, we have a freezer full, but lately, I have been frustrated and doubting God's provision....worrying about money (Kendal quit Sears, and I lose my mat leave in Jan and am not going back to work right away) Two days after expressing my frustrations to God in prayer we received the lamb and fish, as if God was saying.."Don't I always give you everything you need?" Not only that, but without even looking for an evening job, someone offered Kendal a flexible janitorial job which won't interfere with his other job...No weekends with this job, and the guy is willing to let Kendal go for his holidays in August even though he is just starting, and we have been praying for a way to get to the North end of Regina-even if the housing market is bad...and today this came up. This is better then we could have hoped for as it gives us the opportunity to save some money for a down payment, and replace some of our furniture. The rent will also go down if I am not making as much money....and best of all, the girls will be near the school of their choice....and I get to stay home with my son, which is really important to both Kendal and I. Oh, and Kendal won't have to keep working two jobs, which has been really hard on him the last couple of years.

You would think that after all the miracles I have witnessed in my life since I have been saved, I would get it by now..(get me to tell you about my car sometime-and the instant healing I had..) God provides for his children, but NO not me. I end up like Thomas...doubting Jesus until he saw his nail struck hands. God cares for his children. Period.

.......and on my way home....I was stopped by a train....No figure. (some of you will get that reference....)

Tell me about some of the miracles you have experienced over the years!

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oh...and did I mention....DID NOT GET THE YARD WORK DONE again today.....LOL!