Friday, June 5, 2009

Mosaic 2009

It's that time of year again..
This year there were 19 pavillions,
which actually seems less then normal...
and it didn't seem as busy...
which suited me just fine..
...better parking.
Kendal and I decided this year
that we were not going to all the pavillions,
It is just easier with Gracie, if we take our time,
and hang out longer at them.

Tonight we went to the
Fillipa-Phillipino Pavillion, the Greek Pavillion,
and the Ukraine Pavillion.
We enjoyed the performances at all of them,
but found that there was just too much drinking at
the Greek Pavillion. All I could smell in there was alchol.

The Phillipino Pavillion was our favorite tonight.
That is where we ate supper.

We had “inihaw na karne” (pork barbeque),
“lumpia mini egg roll”, crispy egg rolls,
and “pancit” Philippine noodles
This was a combo plate for 9 dollars..
and the buns which are Sopao (I think)
and filled with pork....
(they were sepparate...)
What ever they were...
They were yummy.

We were also treated to some extra ordinary performances by the
Philippine Maharlika Dance Group of Regina
We have gone here for several years,
and I think this was one of their best.

They also offered a number of crafts,
clothing, and jewelry at great prices...
If you get a chance...go check them out...
It was well worth it.

About us!


Me! ~Robyn Jones...
creator of One of the Jones..
I love God..
I play guitar passably, sing..
fool around with drums..
I love love love photography..
(Which if you follow us long enough I am sure you will see....)

He is the mischievous one in our family...
Computer geek, all things tech,
Loves music....and writing.

Kendal and I were married in 1996
after he told me he would push me off a cliff
if I said no again....LOL!

We have
been married now for almost 11 years...
so I guess he decided to keep me...

Our grown up girls.

When Kendal met me,
I had three little girls..
By the time we were married,
Krystal was 6, Brandy was four, and Bree was two.

Krystal is 21 now
and has two wonderful children,
Talon and Cassidy

Brandy is 19,
and graduated last year.
Since then she has gone to Bible School
in Kelowna, BC
and has gone to Thailand for 6 weeks
for a missions trip.

Bree is 16
busy getting tattoos,
hanging out with friends,
and plans on becoming a hairdresser.

Hard to believe they grew up so fast.

So how was it that we went from three kids
to five?

We were happy with our little family,
and didn't plan on having any more children,

We always enjoyed spending time with them
and tried to do as much stuff as we could with them.
We were quite happy to call it quits with just three kids.
So what happened?

First of all the girls turned into teenagers.
Normally that would be enough
to convince a person to increase their dosage of birth control,
but they actually turned out pretty good.
We noticed every time we wanted
to hang around with them they were out with their friends.
We missed parades, cartoons, etc...
We also realized it's kind of creepy
showing up at a teddy bear picnic without any kids.

Then we went back to our home town for a visit,
and one of our very close friends,
Jeremy Nelson h
ad just had his first son, Judah.
Jeremy was so proud.
When we got home we couldn't stop thinking about
how happy Jeremy and Donna were with their baby...

We were kind of jealous.
Then after a while one of our othe
r close friends,
Scott called to say that his wife Lawna was pregnant as
Back home in Regina
nds were also getting pregnant at an alarming rate,
and even enjoying it.
Our friends Jason and Brenda
had a little girl they named Merc
and she won our hearts as well.
Also we started losing friends.
Jeremy called us to inform us he had leukemia

(to read his story click here).
We lost our friend Josh,
who Kendal had known since he was 12,
and we lost several other friends from
Williams Lake.
Losing people like that does strange things to your attitudes
about mortality, family, friends, etc...
We realized that life is so
metimes short, and family and friends are very important. We started talking about it and agreed that if we ever were to have another child
it wouldn't be that bad.

It worked!

After much thought and prayer, we decided to have a baby.
For several
months we intensely researched exactly how babies were made.
I qu
ickly became addicted to pregnancy testers.
One morning a couple years ago, I woke Kendal up at 4:30am:
we had a positive preg test!
This is where the story gets funny.
Our oldest girl, Krystal live
s on her own,
but her sisters Brandy and Bree were still at
They knew we were trying to get pregnant, but we decided to surprise Krystal.
We hadn't
seen Krystal for a while.
We noticed she had been calling a lot, but not coming around.
So when we called
her to get together and go for coffee
and she started crying on the phone..

She actually thought we were making fun of her
when we told her we were expecting..
She didn't believe me..
because SHE was pregnant as well!
The surprise was on us!
We were going to
be grandparents before we were parents.
Krystal was due in Octob

My pregnancy with Jeremy was not an easy one.
one thing I had quite a bit of cramping,
and at 28 weeks I ended up in hospital for a week, after I started bleeding...

but On Jan. 10, 2007 our beautiful little boy was born 6 weeks early
and we have never looked back.
We can no longer imagine what our life would be
without our imaginative and energetic
little man...
He is two now...
and I have no idea what we would ever do
without him..

After we had Jeremy,
we knew we would have another...
We were afraid that we would spoil Jeremy
(which we did...)
and so after a healthy full term pregnancy..
We had Autumn Grace...
(and now we spoil her too..

However, once again...
we never could have guessed..
that within weeks of me expecting..
we would find out that my daughter Krystal
was pregnant again..
and expecting 3 weeks before me..
and so we welcomed Cassidy
into our world..

Autumn Grace is a wonderful addition to our family,
and every day we enjoy getting to know her a little better..
We call her adventure girl...
(Jeremy calls her Gracie or Aubum)
She is full of life, sweet, and an easy going...
we can't believe we were so lucky again.

This August we have been married twelve years...
and we never could have guessed where life was going to bring us..
but we feel lucky to have such a wonderful family...
even though there are challenges..
to face each day..
I have to wonder what the next ten years are going to bring?

Mine is up...
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I know you are probably all getting sick of so many pictures...
(except maybe Judy and LA...LOL)
but I wanted to get lots.
It has been a while since both the boys were together...
and there were so many awesome photo moments.
what can I say...
I am a proud mommy-grandmommy...

(Is that a word?)

I am so going to keep this for
black mail purposes when they are older...

The best toy in the world is a shoe..
and notice...
two HATS are better then one...

Gorgeous girl

I love this picture...
It looks like Jer only has one eye....


Check this out...
Jeremy thinks he is drinking water...

(Then he acts like it didn't bother him....)
"Really mom...I meant to do that..."