Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is what happens when daddy does the diaper changing...

Umm....does anyone else see anything wrong here?


Like...I am thinking these might be big brothers pants...LOL!
You think he might have noticed the slight length differance...

But at least she had a diaper on..
Not like when I picked her up out of the crib in the morning...
Fortunately not dirty...
Lucky me...

A New Year - A New Look....

For those of you who have my blog badge on your blogs,
I decided to make a new one to match the new look of our site...
Don't forget to change it!

Check in the right hand side bar for the code...

New Years Day!

New Years Day we went to Aunty Anna's 
 for supper.
Linda and Ralph were also there visiting
from Eston,
and so was Kendal's cousin Dwayne.
Brandy and Bree were also there for a while,
but left before dinner.

Aunty Linda and Gracie

Grandma and Jeremy


Jeremy, Gracie and Grandma


Dwayne playing lego with the kids..






Dwayne and Jeremy


Daddy found an excuse to play lego!


Judy and Linda


Anna and Gerald