Tuesday, June 2, 2009


From Sienna at    Hon,What's for Dinner?

Wordless Wednesday!

Talon and Jeremy at the Kritter Korral Animal Sanctuary
(By the way...much better taken care of then the petting zoo in Lumsden was)
That place was not very clean....and the animals all had infected looking eyes.
I was afraid to touch anything.
This place in contrast,
was pristine,
and all the animals looked content and clean.

Apparently these eyes help the peacock to kill Cobras?
Live and learn.
This guy had the BIGGEST and most BEAUTIFUL feathers I have
EVER seen...

These guys do good work.
Not only do they take in abused and abandoned farm animals,
but they also take in wild animals,
and then send them back to the wilderness when they are better.
If you would like to send them a donation,
let me know,
and I will give you the pertinant information.

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