Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rider Pride!

There are a couple of us BC imports who were busy being taught some Rider Pride this last Sunday....I have to be honest....I never even followed football until the last year...(I am ducking from the tomatoes now...) However, it is really hard to not get involved when most of Saskatchewan turns up wearing green every game, whether or not they actually show up at the game...and even if you don't follow the score, you hear it anyways! I love Saskatchewan's Rider Pride! We have some of the best fans in all of Canada! (Sorry BC!)

My daughter Bree was very thankful to be given a ticket to go with some of her friends to the Labor Day Classic, which is probably one of the most coveted games (aside from Grey Cup) It was sold out, so she has no idea how lucky she was!

Bree and Jeremy dressed for the labor Day Classic!

We even went as far as to buy Jeremy
a little Rough Riders outfit! He was sooooo cute!


Oh, and by the way......for those who are living on another planet and don't know this yet....the Rough Riders kicked butt, scoring an awesome touchdown in the last seconds of the game.....i believe(correct me if I am wrong) that makes us the best in the Western Division? Rock on Riders!