Sunday, December 30, 2007

Feb 2007


February was spent adjusting to parenting again...Kendal and I were feeling
pretty overwhelmed taking care of two babies, and by now Kendal had to go back to work, so it was mostly me...It was pretty hard....They were on two completely different schedules...being two different ages....They didn't even sleep at the same time, and Talon was a pretty demanding guy....
The girls were helpful when they were home, but most of the time I was by myself..but I did find some ways of coping. The boys both loved Sesame Street, and so I could usually find enough time to get dressed at least by putting them in their chairs in front of the

I also ended up sleeping with Jeremy as that was the only way I could cope. Talon was waking up 2 and sometimes 4 times a night, and with both babies, I would have had no sleep...In fact I went over a week once with only 2 hours of sleep a night...that was pretty rough. At least with Jeremy in my bed, I didn't have to get up for one of them.....
Proof of how brainless we were feeling at this point?? Check out the conversation Kendal and I had on our way to church one morning....

Life with two babies

When you haven't slept properly in weeks odd things happen. For example Robyn and I used to be able to have reasonably intelligent conversations. This was a real conversation we had the other day. We were in the car, eating Mcds and I dropped my fries. So like Homer Simpson I say:

Me: D'oh!

Robyn(not hearing me properly): No?

Me(a little louder): D'oh.

Robyn(more confused): No?

Me(quite loud now): D'oh!

Robyn(very confused now): No?

Me(practically shouting): D'oh!

Robyn(very perplexed): NO what?

Me: D'oh, Ho mer, D'oh

Robyn: OHHH....

Posted by Kendal...

We were also blessed in February to have two baby showers. One was from our friend Brenda, and my MIL Judy, and the other was thrown by Naomi at our Avonhurst Church.

February was also an exciting month for my middle girl Brandy who was able to take a trip to Ottawa with a school group called Encounters Canada....She really had a blast and was able to find out a lot about the RCMP, and our countries Govt...

She also made many new friends....

Mark and LA (Kendal's brother and sister) were also able to come out in Feb...that was nice for both of them as well, since neither had met Jeremy yet, and they were able to have some fun with Mr. Talon.

LA and Talon

Once again, we somehow made it to March, but it wasn't easy....LOL!