Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Ultrasound

Monday I had my first ultrasound! It was a pretty cool experience, and I can't believe how clear they are compared to 13 years ago....At one point we could even see baby drinking!

We were afraid that there was going to be more then one in there, but as it turned out, there was one. However he/she is bigger then we all thought! and never quits moving ....The tech was having difficulty trying to get a heart rate, as everytime she tried , baby would change position. .I think we might be in trouble! When we tried to get pictures of it, it would present it's little backside, and so the tech had to poke and prod and try some different things before we were able to get a profile shot!

Kendal was just about as funny to watch as the baby, and alternated between smiles and tears.....

By the end of the ultrasound, he wanted a doppler machine of our own!

So....the end result is that we are having a baby! (a rather active one.)

It also looks like they are going to change my due date (again-aprox Feb 7th, but we will know Monday....) as baby is measuring far bigger then thought. They say we are 15 weeks (as of today actually...) instead of 13.

We don't agree....but that's ok, as baby will come when it wants to anyways!

We will post an ultra sound picture when we can figure out how to safely scan it!