Friday, September 8, 2006

Sept 8th!

Ifeelbadtoday. I am sick of being sick. My sinuses hurt. I keep sneezing and peeing at the same time. (one of the great joys of pregnancy-LOL) This is going on a month with the same sinus infection. and I am sure it didn't help that I stayed up until 1 am watching a made for TV movie about Sept. 11. (I had to be up at 6am.-not the smartest thing I have done this week.)

That was rough to watch. I know I am pregnant, but I cried anyway. I don't feel bad though, cause so did Kendal.

It was the phone calls off the planes to family members that did it!

However. On a more positive note.....

I cleaned my house!

It seems some of my energy is coming back. Which is probably good, considering that with Sept. everything starts up again full speed. Most of my food aversions seem to be disappearing now which is also good.

I like food.

Nothing else very exciting for this week I'm afraid. Jason brought over the crib, but we still have to get the desk out of the room....I think we have time, since I am only 18 weeks now.

Baby moves alot...I think I might be in trouble.

No plans for the weekend yet, but I am sure they will materialize. They always seem to. We have youth tonight. I think it is an easy one though---Friday night live (Youth Service.)

Well, I am off to lunch now. Good thing I get paid to sit and chat with you all!


Love Robyn!