Saturday, August 11, 2007

At Katepwa!

We like to take the kids out to Katepwa Beach. We have been going out there since moving to Saskatchewan 5 years ago.... It is a little beach on the edge of a small community. It has a large park with lots of picnic spots and barbeque pits. There is also mini-golf, and an ice cream store...(a must for me...) and it is only about 45 minutes away from Regina.

These pictures are from one of the days we went to Katepwa beach. It has been hard to get everyone out at the same time this summer. Now that the girls are older, it is getting increasingly difficult. Brandy has been working most of the summer, and Bree has been with friends or babysitting Talon for Krystal....Bree has also decided that going to the beach is not cool, and so she doesn't like to go out! That one surprised me as they used to have to be dragged (literally) kicking and screaming out of the water..... Krystal doesn't have a car yet, or she would love to bring Talon out....