Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yaaa Friday!

Yesterday it was nice to be busy...I am going a little stir crazy right now being home all the time, after working full time for five years. I drove Kendal to work in the morning and went to Wascana for an hour walk around the park...something I have been trying to do at least three times a week all summer. It is kind of cool there in the morning. It is kind of it's own little community. It is mostly always the same people going there to exercise that early, and so people start to recognize each other, and say hi usually 15-20 times while we are walking around that lake. Any other time of day, people ignore you and mind their own business. It is kind of nice.

I went to the moms coffee time at our church, which I like to do for Jeremy. He is usually pretty social and wants to visit with other people. Yesterday he spent most of the morning flirting with my friend Kim, and hugging her every time she talked to him. It was very cute.
Later in the day we went to visit Cori and her ten kids....(no they aren't all hers....) for a couple of hours. After I picked up Kendal, we went for coffee with his parents at Smitty's so they could visit little Jeremy for a while and then went to Kim's house to hang out with some folks and visit. It was a busy day! Jeremy was pretty tired when we got home, but it still didn't stop him from waking up three times last night.....We are trying to be strict with the staying in the crib thing and not picking him up for every little squeak, but he is such a little monkey....

YES! We are getting closer to Kendal actually having a holiday! It will be his first vacation in two years! Last year he had to work through his holidays which really ticked us off considering it was our tenth anniversary. We are trying to make up for it this year by going away for a couple of days even though we really can't afford it. And no can't come. We are having ALONE time...(or as much as one can get packing a 7 month old around....LOL!)

Brandy was also happy it was Friday, as it was her last day working at CROWN. She is excited for a little break too, before the business of a new school year hits. I bet her cash is all burned up before school starts....LOL! (she is supposed to be saving for a car.)

Bree has also been babysitting for Krystal for a good portion of the summer, which has been good for both her and Talon (who chases her around on his hand s and knees saying "Aunty! Aunty!" But she has already blown all her money on new clothes....

The girls will be going to two different high schools this year. Bree will be going to Winston Knoll and Brandy will be going to Thom. They are both very excited to be leaving Johnson which has proven to be a rough school, and not a really positive experience for either one of them. Bree will be starting a job in October when she turns 15. and is excited to be trying for her drivers this year.

We should also be finding out for sure about the move in the next week here.....I hope so. I hate not knowing what is going on.

and that is life in the Jones' household for this week....

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