Thursday, June 5, 2008



Milk Mama said...

Wow your children are so adorable (and beautiful)!!!

I love the song you have here on your blog. It's one of my favorites. It lifts my spirits every time I hear it!!! It's such a great worship song! "Jesus, you're all this heart is living for!" ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'd like to link your blog, but which one should I link? This one? I see you have blogs for your youngest son and grandson, too. Beautiful children!

Mom Knows Everything said...

He's so well behaved. He sat so good while they were doing that.

Anonymous said...

You must have been really good in a previous life...karma likes you.

I cannot believe how good he was. Mine would have: screamed, fidgeted, escaped, ran, cried, smeared and smacked the guy doing it. All at the same time.