Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Holy Smokes....Easter egg hunt with two toddler boys???

Talon and Jeremy

Hilarious and SOOO much fun....
I don't know if my
grandson had ever done an Easter egg hunt before, but he was a little trooper...He got the most eggs, and ran around saying "My eggs, My eggs...." and "oh look one more egg..." over and over again...It was so funny. Both of the boys completly ignored the chocolate bunnies we had hidden in the wide open...even after looking straight at them....
We finally pointed out the bunny to Jeremy who to our complete amusement walked over, and Kicked it pointedly several times till it was under the shed....Jeremy also was doing pretty good at finding the small eggs, but we also had some big eggs out there...and imagine our amusement when he found a big egg, picked it up, looked at it...shrugged and threw it away.....LOL!

We had a great time. I will post some videos later of some of their antics, and also of our attempts to color eggs with them...(which was not so successful...LOL!

Talon and Jeremy




Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Robyn, many blessings to you and your beautiful family this Easter. Eaton. :)

Barb said...


Happy Easter!!!!!