Monday, April 26, 2010

I won another one? WOW!

Two awards in one week...I can't believe it!
Thanks so much to VKT   
for giving me this award!  Make sure you go over and check out her blog after..
She is an interesting lady, and I enjoy her writing..
BTW...sorry for taking so long to post this, but we had a hectic weekend...  :)

So..the idea for this award, is that you post ten things about yourself that others don't know
and then pass on this award to ten other here gos..

1) I play guitar...I love it, but haven't played as much as I like the last couple of years.
I have played for about 12 guitar is a Takamini..special edition Tibetan Alm..
Wouldn't want to give it up for anything.
It is very special to me, because about four years ago, we had a break in where I lived,
and the only things the person took, were my keyboard, and two of my guitars.
My stolen guitar was worth quite a bit, and I had an emotional attachment to it, so I was heart broken...
when people found out what happened...a very large donation was collected,
and I was given money to purchase the guitar I have now..which makes it very special to me....

2) I love to paint and draw, but haven't done it for a very very long time...due to kids and all...LOL!

3) I have five kids, but there are 17 years difference between my third daughter and my son...
My husband and I had been married 10 years before we decided we wanted children...and then the instigating factor was the loss of two close friends who reminded us of our mortality....One to leukemia and the other to a heart attack..both at just over 30 years old... It was our celebration of life...and our son is named after one of them...

4) I sing. I love to sing....mostly praise and worship, but I will sing anything...I sing all the my kids, at home, at the car...LOL!

5) I am a bit of a hoarder, (which is funny because I hate clutter)  but working on it...LOL!

6) I have been married to my second husband for fifteen years this summer...
He is still my best friend after all these years...we have a blast together..
It has been a wild ride..

7) I am an introvert.. (although you would never know it)
..I dislike having people see who I really am...I am terrified they won't like me..
but I am working on it, and with God's grace have over come many of my insecurities...
Thank God for His life changing power...  :)

8) My pet peeve is being late.

9) I LOVE to travel, and don't get to do it near enough...

10) I am an adventure junky...and will do (almost) anything for an adrenalin high...again..
haven't been able to support this habit the last several years..  ;) now I get to pass on this award to ten other amazing bloggers...
Here gos..
1) Bee and Rose
She is a must visit...I love her blog, and have been visiting her for a couple of years..check her out!

2) Gaining Insights

3) It's just life in the puddle  Sandi is not only a blogger friend, but I have actually been RL friends with her for at least 12 years...

4) Pull up your Potty seat, This could take a while

5) Hon, what's for dinner Her recipes make me drool....mmmmmmmmmrecipies....

6) A Little House on the Prarie  a friend in RL and in computer land... Her daily stories of her life with a house load of boys make me laugh....

OK, well babes have decided I am only posting five I hope you have fun and enjoy anyways!

Have a great day!

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Sweet, thank you very much lovely lady!