Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I can't believe it!! I actually won something!!!  I never win anything!
I entered a draw for this book/CD for Gracie

According to Show Me Mama where the book/CD review/ Draw was held...

Shushybye Close Your Eyes book is about "Shushies who make dreams for children that are sent to them as they fall asleep. Living in such SHUSHYBYE villages as Nap Valley, Snore Shore, Yawn Island and Slumber Heights, the Shushies – led by Snoozles, Dozie and Zeez – place their dreams in Dream Boxes that are sent to sleeping children via the Shushybye Train driven by Conductor McCloud
also has some neat looking dolls that I am thinking Gracie might like for Christmas...
I am so excited to get our new book and CD!  Thanks again Show me mama for choosing us!!  I'm going to check the mail everday!!

Drop by and visit her blog...She always has great giveaways!!

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