Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kids are what makes Easter go round...

Ok, Bree...for real..no more procrastinating this time...
By the way, I figured out why I wasn't happy with my pics..
I had hit the AF button on my camera..
Still trying to figure it out...LOL!


(She is my adopted daughter...)

Steve and my grand daughter Cassie

Daughter Gracie

My son Jeremy and Grand son Talon

Best friends...

Ok, sorry kiddo, that is all I have time for now..
I'm off to the library..
I know I should be more excited..but it usually just wears me out..
The kids get excited, and then have tantrums...
and everyone else's little angels..
sit and behave through story time...
while mine...
Well...we will just leave that one alone...  :)
Let's just say they are high spirited...
Have a great day everyone!

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