Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corn Maiden Market

Autumn is my very VERY favorite time of year... I love the colors, the temp, the places I can take my kids..
Since we had Jeremy one of our fall traditions is to take the kids to a place called Corn Maiden Market in Lumsden...They have had a Pumpkin Festival every year where they have a huge Pumpkin Patch, face painting, a haunted house, sometimes a hay bale maze and make pumkin soup, hot dogs, and hot chocolate.... We love that place so every year we bundle up the kids and take them out there....take tons of pics of kids on Pumpkins and buy lots of vegies... However.. this year we were kind of disappointed. They CALLED it the pumpkin festival.... but when we went out there... there was NOTHING going on... no hot dogs.. pumkin soup... haunted house... nothing. We took some pics of the kids and went home...  :(  I am hoping the lack of activities was due to the fact it was bad weather this year for pumpkins... because otherwise we are going to be losing a tradition...  I felt kind of bad, because we have told everyone we know about how much fun we have out there...and then this year they didn't do anything...

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RevHal said...

Amazing pictures!!!