Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Terrible Beauty!

Terrible Beauty
Robyn Jones ~ 2009

Intricate snowflakes, frozen in place...
balancing carefully...
not a breath of air...
to send them shimmering to the ground
like fairy dust.
Visible one moment and gone the next...

Every branch, every blade of grass, every seed,
for as far as the eye can see,
wearing a jacket of frosty snow..
cocooned against the elements, 
keeping alive a spark of life,
For springs first warm breath.

But sleeping for now..
Terrible in their frozen beauty,
As silent as death...as deep as a thought,
Dreaming silently under gray skies,
Shivering in anticiapation, 
for the seasons to change their fickle favors once again...


Brenda K said...

Wow Robyn! What a poem...It's beautiful. Sheesh! Your talent doesn't stop with photography, does it?! Blessings! <3 you!

Robyn Jones said...

Thanks Brenda...too bad none of it makes me any real money hey! :)