Thursday, September 27, 2007

OMG! JEREMY STOOD UP! ...and other daily trivea!

Jeremy is 8.5 months old. He doesn't crawl....has just started to pull himself around...Can't pull himself into a sitting position.....BUT apparently....little Jeremy CAN stand up....It actually has happened 4 times now in the last week...I looked away for a minute, and when I turned back to him, the little monkey had pulled himself up on his chair! - So much for developmentally slow...We'll show them pediatricians won't we Jeremy!

The other thing he did this week which turned my head was kind of funny...He is starting to parrot words and I am in the kitchen this week, and he is in the living room playing with his piano, which makes animal noises....and I hear a quacking sound....Jeremy was trying to quack like the duck on his piano! LOL! The other piano says the colors when you press the keys, and on two different occasions he mimicked the word. He said blue to Kendal and the next day red to Bree.....

OK. enough bragging about my son for today..

The next three days are going to be a little on the rough side....I didn't get enough of the kitchen packed yesterday, so I am going to have to finish that today, and get the oven cleaned....wash the cupboards...that kind of fun stuff....I am also going to have to go down town and do move related business...Tomorrow I have to pack up Jeremy's room (which means sleeping with him for the night...not fun when your nursing because the little guy thinks it is a free for all......) and we actually take posession of the house, so I will have to be there for ADT to hook up our alarm, move some breakables, and go for a physical?? Now WHY did I book that for such a busy week? and of course Sat. is actually moving day....enough said....

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